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God Doesn't Care About Tribes (Mark 9.38-50)

This week has been a big week for me, I’ve been through another ministry milestone, It’s an important one that I think every minister has probably dealt with, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, I received my first complaint letter. Or rather complaint email. It was about Beer and Hymns which happened last week, and it was really good fun. It began with a call into our office which Diana took, and handled excellently. Then a subsequent email was sent to me, asking me whether I felt it was appropriate to drink beer and worship with ‘non-believers.’
Well yes I do, you’ve probably realised that.
Humans like to form clubs. It’s natural, we hang around with the people we like, people who are like us, and we don’t generally socialise with the people we find weird, or socially awkward. In this country another factor is social class too, many people hang around mostly with people from similar backgrounds, or with similar beliefs.
But Jesus says, those who eat Quinoa are as welcome and as import…