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Dance like God Dances, You Stressy Bessy! (John 17.20-26)

I’m what’s known sometimes as a ‘stressy bessy.’
When I have a big job to do, or large event to organise, I tend to feel overwhelmed and I get a bit tetchy and stressed.
I don’t flap too much, other than inwardly, and my sentences become shorter and more abrupt as I’m juggling things in my head. Yes, no, go away. I had to organise a worship band recently, As we only had the day of the concert to rehearse together, and as the rehearsal time went on, I got more and more nervous. Was it going to be alright? Were we going to play well enough? What happens if? This event was rapidly heading towards us, and Stressy Bessy reared its ugly head.
I’ve been told since, by my lovely bandmates that I was actually bearable, just a bit stressed, and I wonder now who ministered to who?
I was supposed to be the one leading the rehearsal, making them feel calm and confident, reassuring them. Unlike Jesus it was my bandmates who were constantly reassuring me that it was going to be alright, It’s all goi…