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Why is it a Good Friday? Our Reconciliation, Our God's Character

What can I say about the cross that hasn’t already been said? There is no other event in human history that has been scrutinised more than this one.
It’s the moment when everything changed, a universe shattering moment.
But what can we compare that moment to? I’m sure many of us for years to come will say, remember when Notre Damme burned down, where were you when it happened?
For those who worship there, it must’ve been like the world was turned upside down. Where were you on 9/11? If your memory stretches back that far? That was a moment that shook the world, that changed the world forever, in the wake of its horror the world changed. We stood still, our mouths agape, unable to comprehend the tragedy of what was unfolding in front of us.
Our universe was turned upside down. Nothing would be the same again. Nearly twenty years on, we’re still feeling the affects of that event in our society today.
Imagine then, how the disciples must’ve felt. Their lives for the past couple of years …